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Chocolate Fondue Set Electronic Chocolate Melting pot

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Chocolate Fondue Set Electronic Chocolate Melting pot

Create the perfect Chocolate Fondues and tasty treats thanks to this light weight and portable Chocolate Fondue set. Included in the Chocolate Fondue set is a plastic pot measuring approx. 27cm x 27cm and four traditional fondue forks with red handles. The Chocolate Fondue pot is bright red in colour and features 3 compartments in a tray surrounding a melting pot that sits in the middle. The compartments in the tray are perfect for separating your favourite fruit for dipping into the Chocolate Fondue. The fondue set comes complete with a full instruction manual and an easy to follow Chocolate Fondue recipe.

The fondue set can also be used for alternative fondues and works just as well as a sharing dish for cheese and dips, grapes, apples, breads, crackers and pretzels. This fondue set is perfect for parties or indulgent desserts, an essential gift for those chocoholics in your life. This Chocolate Fondue set is easy to use and is mains powered by a standard British plug. The fondue set features three settings for you to create the perfect fondue every time.

Instructions for use: 1. Place the unit on a flat, dry, heat resistant, protective and stable surface. Ensure that its not in contact with a wall or curtains. 2. Break the chocolate into small pieces and add them to the bowl in the centre. 3. Insert the pin plug into the power outlet and turn the switch to melt. You will notice that the power light will go on, indicating that the appliance has begun heating. 4. Once the chocolate has melted you can move the switch to warm 5. Put your chosen item onto the fondue fork and dip it into the molten chocolate, be careful to let it cool down before eating. 6. Once finished cooking disconnect the plug from the wall

• Kitchen Republic

• Chocolate fondue maker

• Three separate compartments in tray

• 4 red handled fondue forks

• Instruction leaflet included

• Mains operated with standard UK plug

• Bright red design

• Perfect for the Chocoholic

• Create tasty treats

• Simple to follow chocolate fondue recipe included

• Perfect for parties

• Indulgent desert

• Enjoy dipping marshmallows, fruit or chocolate pieces

• Keep out of reach of children

• Forks, melting pot and tray are hand wash only

• Base is wipe clean only

• You can also use the fondue pot with cheese and dip, grapes, apples, breads, crackers, pretzels etc

• Fondue pot measures approx. 27 cm x 27 cm x 7 cm

• Forks measure approx. 19 cm

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