School's Out For Summer!

School's Out For Summer!

Published by Beck on 24th Jul 2018

The kids have finished school for the year and we are currently experiencing the hottest summer on record in the UK since 1976!

At Shopoco we have put together the ultimate gift guide to keeping your children (and yourselves) entertained over the next 6 weeks!

Firstly, let’s deal with this heat!

Nothing cools you down like an ice-cold Slush Puppie right? Remember the advert from the 80s? 

Re-live your childhood and re-introduce yourselves to a Slush Puppie Summer! Founded in 1972, Slush Puppies are a retro summer essential that got us through the last heatwave in 1976!

Slush Puppie Collection

The delicious taste continues to excite generation after generation. Children of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s are familiar with the classic Slush Puppie you used to get down at the Cornershop after school.  

Well now you don’t have to go to the cornershop to get your Slush Puppie! You can create your very own Slush Puppies in the comfort of your own home thanks to this amazing Slush Puppie Machine from Fizz Creations, priced at only £44.99! 

The Slush Puppie Machine is really easy to use with a full instruction video available online. Click here for the tutorial! 

Slush Puppie Machine Slush Puppie Machine  Slush Puppie Machine

We have all the classic Slush Puppie flavored syrups in stock including Blue RaspberryRed Cherry and Green Apple.

Blue Raspberry Slush Puppie Syrup    Red Cherry Slush Puppie SyrupGreen Apple Slush Puppie Syrup

And new flavours have been introduced this year which includes Cola and Lime!

We also have a range of party accessories that are perfect for creating an amazing Summer Slush Puppie Party at home!

Slush Puppie Cups               Slush Puppie Straw Cup

Now we've sorted the heatwave and a way to cool everyone down, we need something to occupy your kid's time! 

We have the most amazing selection of Dinosaur Toys that will do the job!

Celebrate 25 years since the release of the Summer Blockbuster Jurassic Park this Summer with our incredible collection of Dinosaur Toys bought to you by Mighty Megasaur! 

Mighty Megasaur Dinosaurs

We have a fantastic herd of walking and talking dinosaurs to keep your children entertained and most importantly educated this Summer!

Mighty Megasaur Dinosaurs

The Baby Dino collection features three colourful cartoon styled dinosaurs suitable for ages 3 and upwards. The dinosaurs measure approx 15 cm in length and 9 cm in height and you can make them move with a head nodding action. 

Baby Dino Orange T-Rex Dinosaur Baby Dino Green Raptor Dinosaur Baby Dino Dinosaur

It’s the perfect tiny Dino Toy for creative and developmental play including key features that will help with developing skills such as imagination, coordination and auditory development.

If you like your Dinosaurs a bit more realistic and less carton like then the selection of Mighty Megasaur Light and Sound Dinosaurs are for you!

Their eyes flash and they make realistic roaring sounds that are terrifying! 

Choose from four different dinosaurs including a T-RexBlue VelociraptorTriceratops  (he's our personal favourite!) and a Spinosaurus.

They measure approx 13 cm in height and 18 cm in length. Why not collect all four to create your very own Jurassic Park at home!

Mighty Megasaur Light and sound Triceratops Dinosaur Toy Mighty Megasaur Light and sound Blue Raptor Dinosaur Toy

Mighty Megasaur Light and sound Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toy Mighty Megasaur Light and sound T-Rex Dinosaur Toy

If you're after a more fun interactive dinosaur then the Touch and Talk Junior Dinosaurs are your very own cute and friendly dinosaur. Suitable for ages 2 years and upwards they're great for little ones and big ones!

Junior Megasaur Touch and Talk Orange Dinosaur Junior Megasaur Dino Blue DinoasaurJunior Megasaur Touch & Talk Green Dinosaur  Junior Megasaur Touch and Talk Green Dinosaur

Watch as your dinosaur stomps around making cute roaring sounds. The Junior Megasaur also has moveable arms, light up eyes and a talk back function. It's the perfect dinosaur toy for creative and developmental play including key features that with help children’s development of imagination, coordination and auditory.

If it's fierce and scary you require from your Dinosaur Toy then we have the perfect T-Rex that will walk and roar just like the real thing! Experience the thrill of the Jurassic era with this Mighty Megasaur battery operated T-Rex! 

Mighty Megasuar Battery Operated Walking T-Rex- Brown Colour

You can bring this Interactive T-Rex Toy to life through motion and touch activation. The dinosaur is powered by 3 x AA batteries that are included with the toy. It measures approx 48 cm length, 28 cm height and 13 cm depth.

The Mighty Megasaur battery operated walking T-Rex features posable arms, a realistic roar and light up eyes. Push the jaw to hear the dinosaur roar and switch the dinosaur on to make its eyes light up as it walks forward and listen to it making stomping sounds.

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